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Remote admin, creative and social media support for creative freelancers and small businesses

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Hiring someone remotely can be a more cost-effective and time-effective way to manage your workload.

You’re not hiring an employee that needs a location, equipment, holiday pay, sick etc and you’re not taking on the work yourself thereby freeing up time to work on your business


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Wanting to help her nail technician friends, Sarah started Xetha Management to take care of the small things that they were too busy to do or found uncomfortable.

One was uncomfortable discussing money with clients, another’s first language wasn't English and found answering enquiries and drafting emails time-consuming and sometimes challenging.

Formerly a freelance nail artist, Sarah also used her experience from ten years in retail banking and from a year-long stint as Bookings Manager at world-renowned nail salon WAH Nails to create a bespoke business support service for freelance creatives and small businesses.

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Systems/Services/Products suitable for business needs

Content ideas for a specific campaign/theme

Event venues - refreshments, decoration, entertainment

Influencer Outreach

Squarespace Support

Simple site creation

Site admin

Existing site admin

SEO/Keyword tweaking


Email management

Lead Vetting


Google sheet formatting

Travel arrangements

Formal writing service

Social Media

Content creation