5 Ideas to Expand Your Creative Business


So you've had your business for a while and have a healthy following on social media, now what? 

''...Start from the customer experience and work backwards...'' - Steve Jobs

Listen to your followers. What are they asking for? Do they want to know how you do what you do?

Do they want to how you got into it?

Do they want to own something that features your work?

Here are some suggestions for making more money out of your skills.

Write about it.

Its incredibly easy to self publish via e-book and doesn’t require an inventory of physical books. You could write about your journey or what you would say to yourself 10 years ago. You can do this with Amazon among other places. 


Done what you do for so long that it like a second skin? Consult.

There are people out there that see your success and not only want to know how you did it but how to apply to themselves. Not everyone will have the same thought process as you so what might have come naturally to you during the course of your career will not come naturally for others.

Create a ‘piece’ of you your followers can buy

 If you’re an illustrator or artist its your followers obviously love your style. Something physical featuring your work for example, a line of stationary such as stickers, notebooks etc or perhaps a coffee-table style book including notable commissions would be popular among your followers. 


Document what you do. You can start a blog or create a behind the scene video series on youtube. For every freelance creative there's probably about 10 that wish they could, they are more likely to watch your videos as they want to see how you do it.


E-learning is becoming a more acceptable form of learning. You can do one-off lessons or installments. 



Sarah Thacker