5 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant


It can be difficult to see the value in hiring a Virtual Assistant. After all you’re paying someone to do what you can do yourself. But think about what you can achieve in the time that’s been freed up by doing so?







You have more time and a reduced workload

Time is valuable and once wasted, it’s gone. This can prove costly to a freelancer or small business. Hiring a VA to take care of tasks frees up your time to focus on where your business needs you. You can explore new opportunities you else wouldn't have had the opportunity to.

Make money

By outsourcing your non-money making tasks, you are now able to spend that time do the things that actually make you money.

VA’s are flexible

Only need support for three hours one week but more the next? No problem.

You wouldn't have this flexibility with a permanent employee. You would need to keep them busy to get your moneys worth and then you have holiday pay, sickpay, pension etc to worry about. A VA is available as and when you need them.

VA's have a range of Experience

Virtual Assistants come from a range of industries with varying degrees of experience. A task that you find difficult or lack the experience to do could easily be taken over by a VA. For example, dealing with difficult customers, responding to reviews and writing rejection emails.


VAs are business owners/freelancers like you.

We know exactly how stressful it can be running your own business which is why most of us became VA’s in the first place. We want to see you succeed at your business and eliminate stress where possible.


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Sarah Thacker