Chatting With Bex Furno

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Bex Furno is Content and Marketing Manager for vintage clothing store, Blitz. She recently launched her custom hand-painted clothing line Babygirl by BF which is available now on ASOS Marketplace.

@_furno @ ASOS Marketplace

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  1. Tell us about your creative business, what do you enjoy most about it?

    I enjoy being able to do something so different from my usual job.

    I love doing content and marketing but I come from a Fine Arts background and I miss being able to just paint and make pieces that evoke a reaction.

    There is no better feeling than getting a custom order from someone who just entirely gets it!

  2. What are your influences for your creativity?

    All the babes around the world. Main influences come from people watching, whether that be in a coffee shop or instagram.

    I also try and get to galleries as much as possible.

  3. Top 5 favourite instagram accounts?

    How do you pick just five???? Haha.






  4. Top 5 Favourite designers/artists?

    This is impossible!!!!! Okay, if you are going to force me to...

    Gucci - always evolving yet timelessly classic.

    Stella McCartney - just wonderful.

    Saint Hoax - politically incorrect and incredible.

    Polly Noir - so relatable.

    Romily Alice - amazing neon light work, celebrating females.

  5. What challenges do you face regularly and how do you overcome them?

    Sounds so cliche but my biggest challenge is myself. It took a lot for me to put BABY GIRL out there.

    I felt I was too old to start it at 30/31. My 32nd birthday is looming, but thank god (or whoever) for having a baby face.

    Now I don't let that concern me too much, I've had such a brilliant reaction to it, I will just keep pushing.

    Sometimes it's hard juggling life, full time job and running my own business... but y'know what, it is so worth it!

  6. What have you learned along the way?

    Self belief is everything.

    Believe you can and you will.

    Doubt yourself and you're inviting others to doubt you too.

    Having the courage to put yourself out there is hard, but nothing easy is ever worth having.

  7. Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions, whats next?

    Yes!!!! So many! I want to write, possibly a cook book.

    I love interior design and want to buy a house to renovate. (Long way off but a girl can dream.)

    Travel! So many things I want to do, achieve and see.

  8. How would you define your personal style?

    Hmmmm no idea. Pretty minimal, yet really not.

    I dress quite simply but am always covered in gold jewellery with killer nails. (Thanks to the nail dream queen that is @izabellebellamy)

  9. Interesting/unusual fact about your self?

    I broke my collar bone falling out of bed. Who does that??

    Side note, I'm the clumsiest person in the world.


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