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Lathaniel Chambers is an award-winning hair stylist from Brixton, London.

At 26 not only has he won many awards for being Stylist, Colourist and Weave Stylist of the year, he also has a successful salon in Camberwell. 

His most recent collection is titled 'Strong Women Of Colour'.



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1. How does it feel to have won the awards at such a young age?

It's very humbling and surreal, it hasn't really sunk in.  I feel quite modest actually because it's my passion and it's great that people like it. It's great to be alongside the people I look up to.

2. What are your influences for creativity?

The models and my personal experiences. I don't base it on fashion. I'm influenced by how the models can carry the structure of my design and how I feel at the time. If I feel like shit then that will come out too.

My latest collection is called ‘Strong Women Of Colour’ and I dedicated it to my mum. My mum inspires me because she is a strong matriarchal figure in my family. I made the models for this collection strong with strong shapes and strong lighting.

3. What are your trend predictions for next year?

Ha ha I know what trend I want to stop - everyone going natural needs to stop! I get that you might want to give your hair a break from chemicals etc but going natural for the sake of it, no just stop ha ha! I don’t care if your friend Sally is doing it, just don’t!

I think short hair with colour will be popular next year.

4. Whats the best and worst advice you've been given?

Best is 'Believe in yourself'. It's a cliche I know but its right, I run with it. Put yourself first, I was always looking to other stylists and worrying what they were doing. Instead I believed in myself and stayed in my lane.

Worst was 'Give Up'. I once told a former colleague what I wanted to do and they told me ‘give up, you can’t run a business you’re too young, you have no experience’ etc. It might’ve been they were jealous that they didn't have the guts to do it themselves, who knows.

5. Whats the most common misconception/ old wives tale that drives you crazy?

‘Don’t wash your hair, dirty hair grows your hair’. I HATE when I hear that like what do you mean it grows your hair? No, it doesn’t!

6. Whats next for you? Any unfulfilled ambitions?

I feel like there is so much more to me than what I have already done. I want to do everything. I want to be out there, you know? I’d love to have my own product range and straighteners. I’d love to spend maybe two days a week at the salon and travel internationally for work. 

7. What would you say to yourself 10 years ago?

I’d say eat healthily and exercise more. I think I would switch it up actually. I wouldn't give myself advice back then. Ten years ago I was so driven and getting on with it whereas now I tend to let stuff worry me. I would listen to myself ten years ago.

8. What challenges do you face regularly and how do you overcome them?

Staff is a big one. I feel like people are frightened to work for me and I think it's my age. A forty-year-old stylist would take one look at my age and think ‘why do I wanna work for a young guy?’ I don’t think I’m intimidating, I mentored two people that are now winning awards. 

I like to set my own challenges. I worked up to winning Stylist and Colourist of the year, I would like to do the same for the British Hairdressing award.

9. Whats an unusual fact about you?

I hate being the centre of attention. This surprises people because usually with one-to-one and small groups I come across as confident but in larger groups not so much and like when I won the award I wanted to send someone else up to get it for me! Haha!



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