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Ikisha Shaw is a freelance nail technician from Cambridge. Her career in nails spans over 10 years, she decided to try something different and will be graduating this october with a double honours degree is criminology and sociology.


1. What's your favourite beauty trend at the moment? Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends?

My favourite current nail beauty trend has to be the mermaid illusion glitter trend. I love anything that sparkles in general so right now I'm in my element.


2. What is your biggest challenge you face regularly? How do you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I face is when clients are not honest about what they want on their nails. E.g. When u start a design and 8 completed fingers later they disclose the problem. *eyeroll

I try to overcome this by keeping my instagram up to date to give clients options before arriving and I often for nail inspiration prior to an appointment


3. What's been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career so far was getting my job at WAH London. It was a big achievement for me as they are the pioneers in nail art and I aspired to be part of a that strong girl crew. I started as a fan girl and since joining I have gone from strength to strength and gained an enormous amount of confidence from freelance opportunities. I have been in the nail industry for 11 years now but I learn something new with every team I work with.



4. Who are your favourite nail artists/beauty pro's at the moment?

 Bangbang nailsAstrowifey (who I discovered around the same time as WAH London on tumblr).  D'marie from @nailgawdstudiosMP NailsBoomnailsLdn. Paintbox nails. There's just so many. I can be on instagram for hours looking at nails.


5. Whats the best piece of advice you've been given?

 The best piece of advice I have been given was to use the emotions created by my anxiety to take a leap of faith. Although it's scary I was told to use that adrenaline to my advantage. And every time I put that advice into practice I make incredible progress inward and outward.


6. Whats next for you? Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

 What's next for me ... I have just completed a double honours degree in Criminology and Sociology and will be officially graduating in October. I will be continuing on to do a masters in January focusing on the disadvantages young BME children are still facing in nurseries and primary schools. In the meantime I will also be focusing on building my brand and my business knowledge (website currently under construction)


7. Have you ever taken a massive gamble? Did it pay off? If not, what did you learn from it?

 I took what felt like a massive gamble last summer. I joined Marian Newman's first nails mastered online course last summer and began to recreate who I was as a nail artist/technician but at the same time I was offered a temporary position at WAH London as bookings manager. I took a gamble and put my own business to the side to focus and gain an insight into an area of business I hadn't seen before. I learnt so much in just one summer and it gave me a better understanding of what's is happening behind the scene.


8. If you weren't a nail tech/beauty pro, what would you be doing?

 If I wasn't a nail technician I would most probably still be in retail. I was worked at Topshop in Cambridge for 6 years and was working my way up the ranks to manager but I had a passion for working for myself and genuinely making people happy. It's a good feeling to know that the time u spend over the nail table just listening can change someone's whole outlook positively on their own life.


9. Whats the most common misconception/myths/old wives tale you come across?

 Most common misconception I have come across is most probably that the actual acrylic damages your nails more than anything else. NO IT DOESNT LOL. It's all about the preparation of nail plate before you begin application.


10 Tell us one surprising fact about your self

 Interesting fact about myself. It's a bit embarrassing lol. I am terrified of Mickey Mouse at Disney World. In fact all the characters in costume lol...



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