Chatting With Izabelle Bellamy

Izzy's career spans over 15 years and her reputation as an extremely talented nail technician has enabled her to count VIP/ Celebrities among her regular clients. 

She recently Launched her pop-up at vintage clothing shop, Blitz, in Brick Lane. 



1. What's your favourite beauty trend at the moment? Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends?

I really love the new trend of mermaid nails that include a 3d shell with pearls.


2. What is your biggest challenge you face regularly? How do you overcome it?

Clients leaving it too long between infills. I used to try to contact them a few days before their infill is due to book in if I had time to. Now XETHA Management helps me with this.


3. What's been the highlight of your career so far?

I spent 4 days doing nails in Shanghai and Hong Kong a few years ago. I had always wanted to travel to that part of the world and I got to go with one of my best friends.


4. Who are your favourite nail artists/beauty pro's at the moment?

@britneytokyo, @theillustratednail, @astrowifey, @asabree @nailgurlnyc to name a few. There are soooo many more.


5. Whats the best piece of advice you've been given?

 ‘Know your own self worth’. This applies to life as well as business.


6. Whats next for you? Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

I would love to open my own nail salon one day.


7. Have you ever taken a massive gamble? Did it pay off? If not, what did you learn from it?

I’m in the process of this right now. I left the security of a salon job and now have my own pop up in Brick Lane, fingers crossed it pays off! I’m really enjoying it but it certainly isn't easy! The advice and support from XETHA Management has been amazing.


8. If you weren't a nail tech/beauty pro, what would you be doing?

As a kid I always wanted to be an air hostess, I love travelling. I wish I could do it more.


9. Whats the most common misconception/myths/old wives tale you come across?

Ugh, so many!

Let nails 'breathe', shellac/acrylic ruins nails. For goodness sake! Nails don’t have lungs and acrylic doesn’t ruin nails. Poor application and removal of acrylic/gel ruins nails!


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