Chatting With Keziah Waudby

Keziah is a freelance nail artist in London. She is regularly featured in editorials and commercial shoots. Keziah's designs won over House Of Holland last year and were featured in London Fashion Week. 



1. What's your favourite beauty trend at the moment? Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends?

My favourite beauty trend is holo glitter or shattered glass on nude nails, I know the buzz has died down but I keep coming back to it time and time again, I find it so simple yet eye catching!


2. What is your biggest challenge you face regularly? How do you overcome it?

My biggest challenge i face is probably maintaining a high volume of regular nail work, I am a mobile tech which this means I have to have my finger on the pulse at all times, it can be a competitive industry and my motto is 'if you snooze you lose'!


3. What's been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career so far has definitely been, being chosen as one of the London Olympics and Para-Olympics nail pamper team, we were situated in the athletes village and we tended to all the athletes providing them with patriotic nail-art manicures, it was a great and humbling experience to meet such inspirational driven people.


4. Who are your favourite nail artists/beauty pro's at the moment?

I have so many nail artists work that i adore but I particularly love @nailjob and for intricacy  @attitude_nails and @sohotrightnail always catch my eye with their colourful detailed work!


5. Whats the best piece of advice you've been given?

The biggest piece of advice I have been given regarding nails is that ' you’re only as good as your last manicure' your reputation can preceed you and I strive to make every manicure picture perfect, you don't know where it could end up or who could see it!


6. Whats next for you? Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

I am pretty much happy with the way my nail career is heading but it is a dream of mine to work on a sci- fi or fantasy movie doing some kind of crazy character nails, films from the 80's & 90's have some amazing close up nail scenes! I would also like to possibly educate in the future


7. Have you ever taken a massive gamble? Did it pay off? If not, what did you learn from it?

The biggest gamble I took was deciding to go freelance full time, I left the salon I was at to do the Olympic jobs as I was needed for about 3 consecutive weeks and my salon position could not be held, of course I choose the Olympics opportunity over the salon and this was the kick I needed as after that job it threw me into a freelance direction and the rest was history ;)

8. If you weren't a nail tech/beauty pro, what would you be doing?

If I wasn't busy making peoples nails look pretty for a living then I would be swinging through the air as an aerial circus act or working as Tom Harry's PA ;)


9. Whats the most common misconception/myths/old wives tale you come across?

The most common misconception I find with nails is to do with the cuticles! clients have this miseducated dated idea that the more cuticle you cut away the better the manicure, yes it can give you a nice tidy finish doing this but it is short lived and you are cutting away live skin which protects the nail plate from infections and bacteria, once you start cutting this skin it only grows back thicker and needing to be cut constantly, it can also leave the surrounding skin swollen and red. If you ever see a tech trying to cut your cuticles off, stop them and leave!


10 Tell us one surprising fact about your self

I don't think i have many surprises about myself but currently when I'm not busy doing nails I am in training to enter my first pole sports amateur competition.



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