5 Tips To Help You Stay Safe This Winter


Summer is coming to a close and the evenings are starting to get darker earlier but the demands of the freelancer remain the same especially if you're mobile. 
Here are a few pointers and apps to help ensure your personal safety as the evenings (and early mornings!) get darker. 


1. Where And When 

Make a relevant person (SO, NOK, flat mate, best friend, relative etc) aware of where you will be and what time you expect to finish or at least make your schedule accessible to them. 


2. Have a Duress Signal 

This is something that would make the relevant person aware that you are at risk or feel vulnerable without making it obvious to your immediate surroundings.

For example; your SO calls you at 10pm to check you are ok. If there is potential risk you could say something like "Did you remember to feed the cats" as a duress signal. This would then alert your SO something is not right and to take appropriate action.

It's best to use this phrase if you don't have cats  otherwise you can change the details accordingly.

Some other ideas for duress signal phrases

- Did you feed the  [non-existent pet]?

- Can you pick up [non-existent child's name] from mum's? 

- I'm going to stay at [non-existent friend's name] tonight


You can decide what the course of action would be for your SO to take.

3. Familiarise your self with your phones features. 

Many devices come with shortcuts to call emergency services. 

You can see Apple features here and Android features here

4. Companion: Mobile Personal Safety App (as seen on Planet Of The Apps) 


Companion is a personal security solution that leverages your network of friends and family in order to ensure peace of mind on the go. 

All you have to do is select your destination and select contacts to be your Companions ( they don't need to have the app). These Companions will see a live map of your progress and get updates as you make it of point A to Point B. If you start running, don't make your destination on time, have your headphones yanked out or your phone falls to the ground the app will check on you to make sure everything is ok. If you dont respond after 15 seconds the app will alert your companions. 


5.  McAfee Personal Safety - The Companion App


This app helps keep you safe and in control of your everyday life or when you are in a vulnerable situation. You can create your own safety network and stay connected by sharing your current location details. Emergency features include a quickly launched panic button that sounds a loud alarm and calls your safety network for help.







If you have any suggestions or hacks that help improve your personal safety, please let us know in the comments. 


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