Rebecca Lismer #FreelancerOfTheFortnight


Rebecca is founder of The Pigeons Nest, an Etsy shop creating beautiful bespoke crochet creatures and homewares with a storybook feel.

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Tell us about your business, The Pigeons Nest, what do you enjoy most about it?

I create bespoke crochet creatures and homewares with a fun storybook vibe. It was my side hustle for nearly 3 years until I had my son, who I've dubbed Little Pigeon. When I pushed myself to do it full time because the shift work I was doing in a Secure Unit for young people before was not going to work for us as a family.

My favourite thing about my business has to be creating new creatures....I currently have moles on my mind....

What are your influences for your creativity?

The stories I read as a kid. I was an Enid Blyton fanatic (I still am...I collect vintage Blyton's). I loved worlds full of magic, adventure and rabbits wearing hats.

What is your biggest challenge you face regularly? How do you overcome it?

My biggest challenge has to be time...or the lack of it. I have three hours a day to do all my work in as I try to just work in naptimes and a bit after bedtime. Little Pigeon has been an awful sleeper so I have to be in bed by 9 pm for my own sanity and survival!

Whats the best and worst piece of advice you've been given?

The best piece of advice I've been given is 'do you'. My etsy shop is diluted and I sell so many different types of item, but it works and they are totally me.

The worst piece of advice I was given was about not sharing my personal life with my social media fact that's what they want to see!

Whats next for you? Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

Next for me is continuing to grow the business around my family. I'd also love to find some time each day to do yoga and to drink a cup of hot tea...but that's just mum life!

What's been the highlight of your career so far?

I think getting the job as a freelance crochet designer for Hobbycraft...I love seeing my patterns published...if you have spotted a giant llama and a fluffy unicorn....those babies are my designs!


Looking back, whats the best choice you ever made?

Not going back to work. My husband wasn't convinced till I showed him the cold hard maths of the cost of childcare vs my real job earnings. We are actually better off me juggling The Pigeon's Nest and Little Pigeon!

Top 5 favourite instagram accounts?

@sunshine_jo - camping adventures, happy vibes, cats and lots of yellow.

@doingitforthekids_ - Freelance Mama support community...Frankie who runs it amuses me no end..keep an eye on her stories for 'working from home' realness.

@joy.margot - handmade clothes, smiles and general loveliness.

@thebookcommissoner - Holly is my oracle for what to read next!

@hellohellododo - bright funky small biz fun and travel from Ali, Jam and their pug Hero.


What would you say to yourself 5 years ago?

This is going to be something hun, hustle hard.

Tell us one surprising fact about your self

I'm a trained Musical Theatre actress and I sing Little Pigeon show tunes every night.


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